Healed Earth

About Healed Earth


Healed Earth is firstly about focus. Your attention is the fuel of your life. Where you place it is what you give your life to. The aim of Healed Earth is simple: to direct your focus to that which is going well and by so doing, encourage that wellness to grow and spread. 

The gamble is that if you can find it...that gas station on the interstate corridor that is offering sustainable fuels and naturally grown food, you will be more likely to use it. When you use it, you become a part of that business's success. Maybe you are the difference between success and failure. Maybe it is you and ten other people...maybe you are way more powerful then you think.



Healed Earth was designed to connect more and more people to sustainable, thoughtful, earth-kind, people-loving resources. Whether you are looking for organic sheets, a farmer's market,  or a used book....we would like you to know there are kind choices everywhere and make locating them easy. 

Sustainable is so often small. It can seem hidden. Healed Earth is here to show what is avaialbe and give you the opportunity to place your dollars behind what you believe. With a click of the mouse you can find what is in your own backyard, where you are traveling, or where you are thinking to move. With a click of the mouse you can resource what you need online....and support the ever growing, ever present HEALED EARTH!


Please join us and say a resounding YES! to a world of astounding beauty for our children and future generations.